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  • Ko Lanta 2019

    We’re looking for families to join us on Ko Lanta from January 2019 for 3 months + to try out being location independent.


    Why Ko Lanta? If you're looking for a non-city destination with good education, fast wifi and a cultural adventure, we think its hard to beat.


    How we can help make it happen:

    • Pre-departure video one-to-one guidance from us  + online group for families coming to Ko Lanta. 
    • A Wanderfam 'rough guide' for Ko Lanta: travel, budgeting, accommodation, co-working, childcare, education, transport, healthcare etc... 
    • Welcome to Ko Lanta! Meal with us and weekly social with other wanderfams on Ko Lanta.
    Start planning with our Ko Lanta family financial forecast template.


    Read the FAQs for more info. Ask questions in your application :)

  • FAQs Ko Lanta 2019


    Why Ko Lanta?

    If you're looking for a non-city destination with good education, fast wifi and a cultural adventure, we think its hard to beat. Read how we chose Ko Lanta.


    Remote Working

    Kohub :)

    Wifi is also surprisingly fast and reliable (except during storms) in almost every cafe, bar, and building on the island.



    There are lots of health clinics on the island. Krabi and Phuket have large private hospitals.



    Its always hot (around 30 degrees) on Ko Lanta!

    There are two seasons:
    GREEN SEASON May - October

    The wet monsoon season, where southwesterly winds bring wetter weather from the Indian Ocean. Around April the season changes and the increase in rain helps revitalise the island to its tropical lushness, everything regrows and the cool wet spells brings relief from the heat of the dry season.

    DRY SEASON November - April

    During the months of November - April the island experiences the dry monsoon, northeasterly prevailing winds come overland and bring dry air. Temperatures rise during March/April and it get's quite arid and dusty on the island after many months of no rain.



    Lanta is surprisingly busy. During peak season (December-March) its particularly tricky getting long-term rents on houses, apartments and villas so the earlier you can plan this the better!



    You could eat out at a different cafe or restaurant every day of the year on Lanta. With children this won't be possible but takeaways are a great, affordable option.

    Food for children not used to the climate and diet is hard. there are multiple 'mini-marts' and 'seven elevens' to buy western products but dairy and favourite brands will be tricky. Local fruit and veg from the markets is fantastic.


    Getting to Ko Lanta

    2 hour mini-van ride from Krabi Airport with a short ferry crossing from the mainland.
    International flights to Krabi or via Bangkok daily.



    You can apply at your local Thai embassy for a 60 tourist visa pre-departure and extend of one month in Krabi.

    Through Global Village School you can apply for a 12 month education visa.



    Thai people are naturally wonderfully warm with children. Its one of the highlights of being here.

    Finding regular childcare, however, is harder than you might think as most local Thai people with some spoken English have jobs lined-up during the busy season in the resorts. But it is possible...depending on your needs.


    Transport around Ko Lanta

    Most locals, long-term stayers and visitors will use Tuk-Tuks and mopeds to get around the island. You can also rent cars long-term.  


    Things to do on Lanta

    Once you've set everything else up... there's so much to do and explore:

    • Beaches - endless, beautiful, wild, buzzing beaches. 
    • Snorkelling, Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Fishing & Scuba Diving in the Marine National Park
    • Waterfalls, Mangrove Forests, Caves, National Park
    • Buddhist Temples, Chinese Heritage Old Town
    • Thai Language School & Cooking Classes
    • Muay Thai Training, Yoga, Massage, & Cross Fit
    • Asa Lanta sustainability workshops, Trash Hero Cleanups, & Animal Welfare Centre
    • Lots and lots of swimming pools, restaurants, cafes, bars & resorts
    Check out Lanta.Info for more.

    Cost of Living on Lanta

    You have to remember Lanta is an island...so almost everything has to be ferried on.


    Depending on when you come (peak vs off-peak), how long you stay and what kind of lifestyle you are looking to have, Lanta can be more expensive that you might expect.

    Accommodation (£700-£1200 month) and everyday food (£3-6 a plate) can be surprisingly expensive.


    But you can certainly live on a smaller budget than you might in other parts of the world.


    Use our budget planner to sanity check your family business plan!



    There's a wonderfully, warm community of local and international families on Ko Lanta. Its one of the highlights (so far) of life here.